Why men are afraid to approach beautiful women

Picture this scenario: You’re walking down the street minding your own business, when suddenly your eyes are caught by the sight of a beautiful woman.

Now you want to approach her and talk to her, correct? It should be straightforward, it’s just a woman. However, you are blocked by an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and a side of that is you have a limited amount of time to pluck up the courage to talk to her. You end up not doing it, going home, regretting it and beating yourself up. You’re probably feeling like a loser, feeling frustrated and rejected. This is of course not the reality, because most men in all honest lack confidence when talking to women because they simply don’t practice.

Now if you really think about it – what is the worse thing that could happen if you approached her? She may have a boyfriend, she’s not interested or she’s completely blown away by your courage and enjoys talking to you.

Now I want let you into a personal secret of mine …..

Before I got really good with women and found success at coaching men how to attract women on the street, I encountered SO MUCH rejection from women that I started to become desensitised and this when I started to enjoy the process of going out and talking to women in the day time.

Along my journey of success with women (both personally and coaching other men) I discovered that most men are afraid of approaching simply because they are afraid of making social mistakes such as:

– not being sure what to use as an opening line; – running out of things to say; – getting overwhelmed by anxiety and freezing up;

– coming across too “Mr Nice Guy” and not being flirtatious enough

These are the most common “mistakes” I see when students attend our bootcamps. What we do is demonstrate on our bootcamp is that we take guys out in the field and show them that that is no big deal to walk up to a girl and talk to them. Contrary to “popular” belief, women love the idea of man who has the confidence to approach them and be HONEST about his feelings. What tends not to work is when guys try to use cheesy pickup lines to attract women off the street.

We literally see with our own eyes, guys that attend the weekend London bootcamps start off with a large degree of nervousness but once they get going practising the exercises that we provide (and also demonstrate ourselves!), the results are amazing! The guys becoming excited over the progression they’re making, they’re enjoying themselves, they’re getting conversations going with women, getting phone numbers and setting up dates.

It’s always amazing to see the guys on the bootcamps getting solid results with women and we’re always excited to be a part of their transformation experience. Our students had received solid results simply by taking action, which you can witness on our YouTube channel. If you want to same results, then I strongly urge you to do the take action and contact us about our next weekend London bootcamps.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba