Don’t just take my word for it that I’m good at what I do! Instead, check out all of my clients and students video testimonials below and decide for yourself if I’m the right coach for you! These videos and comments are from clients ranging from my Youtube channel to my online products, from my bootcamps to my 6 week transformation program, so whichever service your interested in, there are reviews for everything.

Hi johnny ! I just wanted to say some things about you and your channel. First of all if i was in london i’d pay as much money as you’d want for your live one to one bootscamps cause the thing that you teach is way more than just few numbers. You’re just absolutely amazing. Thanks for the help alot. You know how they say that life is so short , well guess what it so fucking is. Yes , that is coming from a 18 year old boy , me , but to make most your life , living happily, do you what you fucking want to do and making the most of your life and having no regrets in the later stages of life is i think really important and the thing you teach just on point. Its not just about getting laid or having sex , its the experiances , the fun you have meeting new people sharing your thoughts , taking there thoughts and just having a good time. Also I don’t if you’d agree with me but this pua bullshit is so ridiculous. After seeing loads of videos and reading books and ofcourse trying on the streets i realised that there is no fucking game. You have to be confident , congruent ( i know that you like that word alot ) , and just being yourself be it with family , friends , even a dog i’d say. Anyways thanks alot for the help you gave to the countless people over the internet. You are absolutely amazing person and if i am in london ever I would definitely come for one of your bootcamps ! Cheers.
 – Anon

Johnny just wanted to thank so much you for your consistent hard work, for putting video after video to help people become who they want to be and have faith that is possible to change

– Sammi

Hey Johnny. I approached a girl today (first time ever) at the train station. She was married unfortunately. Thanks for all the vids. Big help for me.

– Dave

Johnny thank you very much for helping me change my life! You are awesome!

– Iltaph

Hey johnny, My name is Ian im 19 and from Chicago and i kinda just stumbled upon your videos. Before i explain to you what happened today i just want you to know that i really appreciate your movement. Your videos have not only helped me become confident with myself as a man but everything is different i dont really know how to explain it man… but what you have done has changed my life and if i ever do meet you i will have to take you out for a pint. – Ian