How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Find Self-Love

I wanted to give you the honest truth with what has transformed my life and so many of my students all around the world. I personally suffered social anxiety and depression for over a decade on and off which was all a result of being abused by my Dad growing up. I was so afraid of people I avoided going into social situations because I was so self-conscious about making social mistakes and being judged in a negative light. This created a lot of depression in my life because I couldn’t fully be myself and connect with people. I was really ashamed of who I was because in truth I was hiding behind a false identity to protect myself from being hurt again. Social anxiety and depression was the result of lacking self-love and being terrified of being abandoned. When you suffer from social anxiety you tend to run away from things and this comes in the form of indulging in negative addictions such as pornography, drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, violence, junk food, and other negative thinking patterns. This ends up creating more anxiety and of course lowers self-esteem because you are not fixing the problem. So let me get straight to the point as to what will enable you to overcome social anxiety and turn your life around.

The truth is honesty and living a clean life which means identifying all the areas that you have negative addictions and quitting them. The second part is exposure therapy and practising talking to people without your social mask on which will build your self-esteem and confidence up.  This is a painful process and you will suffer as you start facing people and removing your negative addictions but the joy you will experience as you grow stronger and stronger in love makes this journey worth while. Once you start to feel more relaxed around people you will be motivated to keep moving forward and as you grow in love people will appear so much more loving towards you as well because your perception has changed of yourself, people, and the world around you. This journey is about healing your past trauma and coming into alignment with who you truly are which is pure consciousness/love. You will meet so many amazing people along the way which will in fact help you to grow. All the pain you experienced will be a blessing in disguise once you finally overcome social anxiety and become the person you were always meant to be. I know if you are reading this right now and really struggling with social anxiety and depression you may still worry that your pain is not going to go away. I am the proof and someone that has walked this path which is why I want to inspire you to be brave and gradually face your fears and find healing because it’s so worth it.

You do have to be willing to suffer lot’s of dark nights of the soul but have faith and remember it will not last forever the love, joy, inner peace, freedom, happiness, you deserve will soon come. You have to kill your false identity gradually and allow the new one to be born which is what some people call the birth of consciousness. I have personally witnessed so many amazing life changing transformations with students that I have coached over skype and in person that had crippling social anxiety and made a full recovery and now love interacting with people. I want to also remind you that you are not alone in suffering from abuse and social anxiety millions of people all around the world are also suffering which is why I want to get my message out to as many people as possible to give them hope and the truth as to what overcomes social anxiety disorder. I have also made many youtube videos on my channel breaking down this process and also teaching people how to overcome addiction and live a beautiful clean life.

Good luck on your journey hope this helps you find healing & self-love