On this page is a range of my services and how to go about arranging bookings with me. When it comes to coaching my clients I take my work very seriously. Yes, I want you to enjoy the process but i will push you to take risks and get you to do things that you would never do alone. Each service below is all bespoke focused meaning that I tailor my style of coaching depending on who you are, your personality and what stage you are in your development. If you’re ready to start taking your dating/social life to the next level, and start living the live you always deserve, then choose which service suits you below and I look forward to meeting you.

2-Hour Practical Coaching

In the 2-hour session I will coach you on how to overcome your Social anxiety and build confidence talking to people. All my sessions are tailored to each individual. The 2-hour session price is £195 pay as you go and will be divided into both practical and theory to give you maximum results as well as on the spot feedback. You will learn the following: – How to control anxiety – How to give genuine compliments to people – How to start a conversation with anybody – How to develop presence – How to build confidence – How to get into a positive state – Body language – Powerful listening skills

No matter where you are in the world, I want to be here to help you. If you can’t reach me for a session, then why not consider an online skype call. Over skype you can ask me any questions and we can discuss your sticking points and work towards overcoming them.

Booking these sessions are normally £100 per hour ‘Pay As You Go’ or, if you’re considering working with my long term I offer a 6-week skype transformation program which includes home work and email support throughout the 6-weeks. The price is £1,200 for the 6 weeks program. Fill out the form blow, fill out your details and tell me a little about yourself (problems, sticking points etc.) and I will do my best to get back to you within 72 hours to arrange our skype chat. **Please be patient if I don’t get back to you within the allotted time, I am most likely packed with helping guys!**