Johnny Berba on Nofap And Social Anxiety


I first heard about Nofap from a former student that I was coaching on my 6-week social anxiety program. He mentioned to me something about quitting watching porn and masturbation in order to build more masculine energy and confidence. I thought it sounded very good and at the time as someone that is passionate about personal development as both a teacher/student I loved the idea. In all honesty at the time I was dating several women so watching pornography and masturbating was not something I had a problem with. However, this all changed for me when I decided to change my life once again for my own personal reasons I started to become slowly addicted to watching porn and masturbating which surprised me because I was never big on these things as I intuitively recognised they are not good for you spiritually. I also realised the fact that if we have not got self-control as a man we will always struggle with ourselves let alone the external challenge of life. I decided to look up Nofap online and was really inspired by all the videos on youtube from normal people that were all really positive about doing the Nofap lifestyle. I got really excited and inspired when the mention of social anxiety disorder and nofap was mentioned. As you may already know I suffered from a lot of social anxiety myself especially with talking to women which was one of the reasons I started to coach other men when I was a dating coach. I have always been passionate about helping people to become better which has always helped me as well which is why teaching is so rewarding. I loved seeing all these amazing people sharing their positive experiences with doing no fap and how it enabled them to overcome social anxiety and increase their self-esteem. I found a link with Nofap and what I teach people which is all about self-discipline through honest living. I’m also really against pornography because of all the obvious negative effects it has on both men and women. I was saying to a student a while back that watching porn makes you venerability. to negative energies like what Elkhart Tolle calls demons and pain bodies. This is why I decided to do the no fap which is aligned with my philosophy of living with integrity to create a beautiful reality. I’m very spiritual anyhow was brought up on Christian values so doing Nofap was not at all any inconvenience. I see Nofap as something that is so much bigger than men just reframing from porn it’s about developing self-control and becoming aligned with who you truly are. Something my mentor always says that is fascinating that we all have many separate personalities that are known as shadows or sub-personalities that rise up and take us over like a possession than leaves us to pick-up the pieces. This is what happens with a lot of men they don’t really want to watch porn but they get a bit lonely and a shadow rises up and makes them watch porn only to regret it shortly after. So no fap is helping men in so many different ways with controlling negative addictions and growing in self-esteem. All these teachings/philosophies have been around for centuries and even spiritual/religious teachers encourage these integral principles of honest living. I know for a fact that Nofap gives you more social confidence because I can feel the shift in myself. I’m always very sceptical with any method which is why I put it to the test and see if it works. So many things today on the market over-promise and under deliver but no fap is congruent with what it says. What I love about Nofap is it’s very difficult to do it which is why the rewards are worth it otherwise it would be no challenge. Without sounding judgmental most people in society have no control over themselves in every sense especially when it comes to things like eating junk food, gossiping, watching porn, trolling people online. All these behaviours are negative shadows that don’t grow you as a human being and make you more loving. I could literally write a whole essay on the benefits of Nofap. I have already done several videos on youtube about my experience with doing no fap. I will do more videos about my no fap journey I just wanted to say thanks again to this philosophy I think it’s great that men are helping each other out to become better this is what it should be about serving one another not putting people down that is a waste of energy and life.

Johnny Berba