Vaidas’s First Session – Johnny Berba Coaching School

Attracting Women Through Honesty!

Vaida’s student session 1 For men who are suffering shyness, social anxiety, and lacking confidence with talking to women honesty is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. When we are afraid its a natural defence

mechanism to protect ourselves from falling short which is why men turn to using pickup lines. I myself have a decades worth of experience meeting, attracting, seducing women during the daytime. You can imagine I have experienced lots of different reactions having approached 100’s of women. I came to understand that honesty is the only true way to seduce a woman and build a genuine relationship with yourself and the woman. I tried all the seduction/pickup techniques and yes some of them can work no doubt if your a person that has no ethics and will lie your way into a woman’s knickers which I did to begin with and let me tell you it was the loneliest place I have ever been at.

I started to talk to women with more depth if you like and not wasting any time beating around the bush just being myself and saying what I feel. This is something that most men won’t consider doing as they feel its perhaps a weak option exposing yourself to a random girl you just met. Now having coached 100’s of men on my 6 weeks transformation program and literally transformed them. I have seen the proof that honesty not only builds trust but fast attraction with a woman. Women are used to men saying meaningless pickup lines that are not from a place of true authenticity and of course will often turn men down as a result of this incongruent behaviour.

In my latest series of the Johnny Berba Coaching School I take a young man through the streets of Central London to practice some social drills which consist of walking up to women and being honest about his feelings. To the students surprise he’s getting far better reactions with the women

then when he was using rehearsed pick up routines. He’s being so honest that its actually drawing the women in to the point where they are asking him questions and showing a general interest right of the bat. It’s really lovely to see such courage from men and women really appreciate such openness I think people in general do too.

I like to get students to expose themselves a little at a time to really face their insecurities head on which I feel is the only way for them to become secure in themselves. You also get a real sense of relief when you face your fears its like you get a personal reward if that makes sense. The Johnny Berba coaching school is all about helping men to overcome their social fears and build their self confidence with not only women but in all areas of their life. It’s also giving men the practical experience which you simply cannot get in a book. Once you gain experience no one can take it away from you as you earned it. The sense of being self reliant is what builds ones character and enables you to take on much greater challenges in your life.
Stay tuned for the next episode of the coaching School!

Honesty Attracts Women FAST!

Your friend and coach,
Johnny Berba