The Myth That Pick-up Artist Don’t Get Rejected!

                                The Myth That Pick-up Artists Don’t Get Rejected!

Let me just be clear on one thing before I get started; although I do pick up women on the street, I am NOT a “pick-up artist”. I find it very amusing in the pick-up/dating industry that PUA’s portray themselves as never getting rejected.

If that was really the case then in theory, these PUA’s would be able to seduce any celebrity or even the President’s wife(!) I have been meeting and attracting women on the street since I was 22 and now that I am almost 32, with almost a decade of experience I can honestly tell you that every man gets rejected by women.

Now I don’t have any problems with getting rejected at all. In fact I enjoy the rejection as it has always led my success. When guys ask me whether picking up or meeting women a numbers game, I say “of course, it is just like any other art form – there are a certain amount of successes and failures”. What I will say is, the numbers work in your favour the better you become. For example you may only need to talk to five women to get one into bed if you’re at intermediate level.

You may get days whereby you talk to 15 women and not get anything which is just how it goes sometimes. I don’t care what guys are saying about how much success they say they are getting, they are definitely getting rejected along the way. I always teach trough my YouTube videos and live coaching that failure is a part of success. The better you get with women, the more self-confident you become and the rejection no longer affects you as it once did. In fact the more women you have in your life, the less you are bothered about getting turned down. For a complete newbie coming into pick-up with very little sexual experience with women it is normal for him to feel terrible about getting rejected. I recently uploaded a YouTube video where I went out to some of the more corporate areas of Central London and approached business women.

I approached 16 and got rejected by 14, some of which had boyfriends or were married, in a rush or were simply not attracted to me. Despite all these “rejections”, I did eventually pick up two women which in my experience is all I need. As an experienced dating coach, I have come across plenty of guys that have a misconceived idea of “rejection” due to the fact that they have bought in to all the overhyped marketing that lots of these pick-up companies are selling which in my opinion is complete BS. Now you could go onto my YouTube channel and see some of the amazing results I capture on camera with women from getting numbers, to kissing random girls on the street, to live and instant dates. As an example, you can check out my private members area where I take a hot Brazilian girl home from a first date.

The bottom line is that yes a PUA, dating coach or any guy that practices talking to women can get amazing results but to believe that you can get to such an advanced level where you will not get rejected by women is complete nonsense. My message is all about teaching men how to attract women naturally with confidence, genuineness and charm, and to do away with all the PUA methods which in my opinion are really distasteful. I want to empower men to have abundance with women and connect with them on a genuine level, not have hate or see them as unattainable objects that only a 6 foot rich model can acquire.

My journey was not at all easy coming from a very shy introverted young man with very little experience with women to now being able to attract them with not much effort at all. I have learned that rejection is beautiful as long as we realise that we cannot achieve any goal in life without experiencing it. We should learn to embrace it rather than be fearful of it. I look at talking to women like playing an instrument or sport; the main objective is to just enjoy the process and whatever comes out of it is a bonus.

The biggest sticking point that men suffer with talking to women is rejection which is in fact what is stopping them from getting rejected. It is like a catch 22 as men don’t want to get rejected but yet want the reward of getting the beautiful girl. We as MEN must learn to go beyond the social narrative and become grounded in our own skin which will result in women being naturally drawn to us. Now not for one second am I saying we should not aim to succeed with women, I’m saying we should not let the fear of rejection stop us. Once you develop this attitude you will undoubtedly get success with women. Lastly I will mention you can only achieve success with women by approaching them and working on your overall confidence and becoming comfortable with yourself.

“Failure equals success” – Les Brown

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba