The Johnny Berba Daygame Bootcamp Experience

Johnny Berba demonstrates what he teaches on his 6 week transformation program and weekend bootcamp. Notice that Johnny Berba Does not use a day-game blueprint or a pick-up artist method. The best way to attract women in day-game and build a genuine connection is to be honest. Most men are afraid to be honest with women as they fear they will be rejected.

Honesty is something that needs to be practiced on a regular basis to get the maximum results with meeting and attracting women during the day. The best way to test if honesty really works in day-game is to go out and compliment at least 10 random women you find attractive and see what kind of response you get.

The biggest mistake that newbies tend to make when learning day-game is overcomplicating the approach. In my 30 day anxiety program I break down a very simplistic way to overcome approach anxiety and get into state by giving women honest compliments. Once you master the initial part of the approach which is to basically say hello and give a compliment you can go onto building a deeper connection and get a phone number and setup a date.

Enjoy the process icon_smile-4128864