The Best Daygame Opener – Infield Prague

Johnny Berba demonstrates the best day-game opener to use in Prague. Most men are afraid to speak to beautiful women as a result of not wanting to get rejected. Another thing that men fear when speaking to women is running out of things to say. If you worry about running out of things to say then you will simply never learn how to attract women. You have to make mistakes in order to grow as a person which will ultimately lead you to success. As you can see in the video you don’t have to use pick-up lines to speak to women. Just saying hello is really powerful, especially when your being honest with what your saying.

Once you get comfortable with saying hello to beautiful women you can then move onto more advanced stuff. You will be able to take things further such as building attraction and getting phone numbers. Day-game is not just about picking up women, It’s about improving yourself as a man and using the principles you learn on the street and applying them in all areas of you’re life.

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