Success Stories

My story. I remember myself going out in ‘the field’ for half year every saturday sometimes and sunday. I was like ‘if some guys can do it I can do it as well’. Ego? But most of the time I was going out and walking by myself for 5-7 hours and then going home. Sometimes I could do 3-4 approaches (creepy ones) and be happiest guy ever. But after some negative responses I couldn’t approach again for the weeks.I felt more comfortable holding hand grenade rather then talking with girls.
After spending one day with Johnny it was like.Fuck. She is hot. Why she is talking with me? Jesus, they like this? After second day I could enjoy what I’m doing and just dont give a fuck If she says no. Thanks Johny. You’ve changed me.Wish you all the best in your life

From Gabriel


I’m one of the resident approach coaches for the saturday sarge, known as Cre8ta.

About a month ago I saw some really positive reviews / on Johnny Berba, a pickup / dating coach based in London, yet had not met him so refrained from making any judgement. I then met him through a client about two weeks ago.

I have to say, his energy is second to none and has good ethics ie is genuine about wanting you to succeed. I experienced this from getting some coaching from him and I returned the favour by offering my services too.

I would recommend Johnny as a coach especially since he is continually evolving and like me he is a firm admirer of top motivational speakers which makes a huge difference. So in my opinion he will gain solid recognition in the industry.




Yeah, The Berbinator’s a good guy. He’s a skilful PUA and a competent coach. I’ve seen him in action. Like Cre8ta said, he’s always bursting with energy. He gets really involved with his students and gives demonstration after demonstration.

Go, The Berbinator!

From Serkan


I went on a Berba coaching session a few weeks ago and I must say the guy is very skillful and totally fearless.

Really helped me increase confidence and I would recommend him.

From Rumi

I bumped into Johnny at oxford circus the other day whilst teaching my own students.
After meeting him again the second day, he was kind enough to give me and my students an hour free boot camp.

Essential topics were covered (at no price!) these included: How to stop a woman in her tracks How to convey a playful and challenging attitude How not to give a shit what people think How to Kino

And how to be funny.