Social Anxiety| How To Build Confidence In Your Dating & Social Life

Johnny Berba explains how you can manage social anxiety through the practice of honesty. Social anxiety can make everyday life really difficult because interacting with people can be absolutely terrifying. Johnny Berba had suffered from social anxiety all throughout his twenties which made it really difficult for him to talk to women. (Social anxiety): The fear of talking to people can not be overcome by reading books you need to expose yourself to the feelings. Most people who suffer from social anxiety are too ashamed to tell people about it due to the risk of being judged. It can feel like a catch 22 because being afraid of people makes it difficult to trust others which again means you do not fully trust yourself.

3 Steps To Overcome Social Anxiety

The fist step should be to tell someone you trust which can be a family member or close friend. Just in admitting you have social anxiety will somewhat reduce it. The second step is to gradually expose yourself to the fear by talking to people. You will feel at first nervous/anxious but the more honest you are with people the better you will feel and your confidence will grow each time you talk to people. The third step should be to start putting yourself in high pressured social situations which could be anything from doing public speaking to talking to a very attractive woman. Again this really depends on how bad your social anxiety is which is why you should think about consulting a professional who can help you. Johnny Berba has a life changing 6-week transformation programme which is dedicated to helping men overcome social anxiety and building confidence with their dating/social life.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba