Social Anxiety| Building Confidence With People Through The Practice Of Integrity

Johnny Berba – Goes out on the streets of Central London to demonstrate his philosophy of being honest with people. Most sufferers of (SOCIAL ANXIETY) are so afraid of being judged by people that being honest and open about their feelings can feel almost impossible. Social anxiety is usually the result of a childhood trauma that can later affect a person’s ability to trust people. Social anxiety disorder can cause a lot of irrational thoughts, especially when faced with high pressured social situation like getting on a busy train. Suffers of SA can feel overly judged and this can cause fight or flight which increases heart rate and can make speaking to people very difficult.

People who suffer from social anxiety disorder tend to avoid socialising which can actually lead on to things like depression and panic attacks. Again like most fears social anxiety can be different for each and every individual. People with really severe anxiety may find it difficult to leave their house where other people can manage it better but struggle to go to social events. Social anxiety is something that can be overcome through a practical process which Johnny Berba teaches on his 6-week transformation programme. Most sufferers don’t want to experience any discomfort but the only way to overcome anxiety is to expose yourself to it and get better at managing the fear.

People will often design their day in such a way to avoid interacting with people which will increase anxiety because avoidance only leads to the problem getting worse. The best way to start managing your anxiety is to change the way you think about talking to new people. As Johnny Berba explains and demonstrates in his videos doing simple social drills can really make talking to people fun. The better state you are in the easier it will be to get comfortable around people and to express yourself in a completely authentic way. People who are more introverted and shy tend to suffer from social anxiety. Extroverts tend to be less caring of what others think which is why they are naturally more outgoing. This, however, does not mean that extroverts never suffer from social anxiety because they do.

We all suffer from social anxiety it is part of our human condition to want to protect ourselves from a possible threat. This human fear is for good reason but definitely a fear that needs upgrading and dissolving through a change in perception. The question is how bad is your social anxiety? is it stopping you from living a happy social life? If so then you need to address this problem by confronting it and getting better management over the feelings by practicing with people. Johnny Berba has used his social anxiety in a positive light to connect with others on a much deeper level. Most teachers will claim you can overcome anxiety/fear by using a secret method which is not true at all. As a matter of fact the better you get at socialising and connecting with others the better you get at managing social fear. I would even go on to say that we need to have a certain amount of fear to relate to one and other. This is what makes a human connection so meaningful the fact that two people go from feeling afraid of one and other to being in love. I think this is so beautiful and definitely makes getting out of your comfort zone well worth it.

This is why the majority of men never get the woman they want because they allow social anxiety  to beat them. Johnny has mentored hundreds of men who suffered from social anxiety and got them into long-term relationships with the woman on their dreams. We live in a society that wants everything at the click of a button which is not the case with building social confidence and becoming your best self. You have to really be prepared to suffer in order to achieve your dreams which is why facing social anxiety is so important to you. Johnny talks openly about the amount of shame, embarrassment, fear, he had to face in order to succeed at meeting women from the street. This journey was never meant to be easy but it was meant for you to go on to collect what is yours.

Lastly, I want you to leave you with this message: The fear you have of talking to people is no different to any other fear in that when you face it you will grow as a person.

At the end of the day, fear has no place when faced with love.

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