Project Social Anxiety – By Johnny Berba

Johnny Berba takes you into a day in a life of social anxiety along with all the challenges a person may face dealing with this condition. Social anxiety can make everyday life really difficult for a person. Social phobia is usually due to the cause of suffering from a childhood trauma which for example could be from being bullied at school. A person can also experience a trauma if they have undergone violent abuse from their parents or been exposed to danger growing up. Most people that suffer from social anxiety are too afraid to tell someone about their condition because they don’t want to be judged. If you don’t get help with your social anxiety it will get worse and this will affect your self-esteem.

Johnny strongly believes that the only way to overcome social anxiety is to face it head on. This, of course, does not mean that you should go straight into doing a public talk in front of 1000 people. However, you do want to take small practical steps which will gradually expose you to the feelings and allow you to start getting comfortable with talking to people. Men who suffer from social anxiety will often make excuses such as I just don’t have time to meet new people or I like being by myself at home. Johnny Berba admits that when his social anxiety was at it’s worst he could hardly leave his apartment without suffering from panic attacks. The fear is often what causes people to withdraw and this can also lead on to things like depression. As human beings, we need a certain amount of social interaction to build our self-esteem. Like it says in the Bible man needs fellowship otherwise, he will go spare which is often the case with people who isolate themselves for extended periods of time.

Unless you have experienced social anxiety you cannot imagine how terrifying it can be for a person. To think that you can actually be afraid of another human being and a normal conversation can feel like a 12 round championship boxing match. This is very true because people that have social anxiety are afraid of social judgment and the irrational psychological fears are a very real threat. Evan though logically it’s highly unlikely that a person is ever going to be psychically harmed the feeling of fight or flight is exactly the same as you would experience going into a real street fight. The body does not know the difference because it follows what the mind tells it. This is why Johnny’s teaching is all about changing the perception of fear through the practical movement of talking to people from a place of congruence. As seen on Johnny’s youtube channel he get’s his students to give genuine compliments to beautiful women during the day to build new positive reference points which will reduce any social anxiety.

Johnny has pioneered a practical process that has successfully changed his life and hundreds of his students. The 6-week transformation which is Johnny’s famous signature coaching programme has enabled students to be put through a series of social drills that exposes them to the feelings of fight or flight and enables them to overcome fear and rewire their psychology. Building social confidence  is, in fact, the result of changing the perception of your self-image. The exciting thing about facing your social fear is it’s incredibly rewarding and can quite often lead to a person making a life changing shift in all areas of their lives.

Johnny Berba points out some of the everyday social situations and environments that people can struggle with such as public transport, high streets, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and high-end hotels. Johnny demonstrates some very effective exercises to help you to manage social anxiety and to build social confidence. Johnny Berba also offers weekend workshops for men in London to practice talking to people/women during the daytime.

To learn more about Johnny Berba’s coaching to help you overcome social anxiety? check out the coaching section on the website.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba