Picking Up Women On The Street = SOCIAL ANXIETY WITH PEOPLE

Johnny Berba explains his 10-year journey with picking up women from the street and how it causes social anxiety with people. It’s a bit of a catch 22 because in order to get good with women you need to communicate with them. However, most teachings are about using manipulation hence pick-up methods to get women into bed. The problem with this way of communication is that it’s not honest and it teaches you to trick people. When you lie to women you also lie to yourself because the real you is hiding and this is what creates social anxiety. You cannot be a liar and a cheat and not expect to feel anxiety in other areas of your life. Most men who use pickup methods don’t see themselves as being dishonest but the reality is they are. It’s proven in Freudian psychology that people hide from the truth by developing defense mechanisms in order to avoid looking at the deeper aspects of themselves. This is what pick-up artistry is about hiding from the truth and developing a sperate self to attract women.

Once again we attract what we are so it’s very important you be careful what you become. So when you are going out on the street to use tricks to meet women you will most likely attract a woman that is dishonest. If you want to be happy in your life then you must put out a positive vibration to the universe. It’s simple science that everything we put out comes back to us. This is why I changed my entire philosophy on meeting women to completely stripping away any methodology. I began to communicate from a place of love and honesty which is no doubt the most powerful vibration to work from. When you work from this energy you attract all the right things into your life and you feel good on the inside.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba