Johnny Berba’s | Mindset To Date Beautiful Women From The Street

Johnny Berba explains and demonstrates how to develop the correct mindset to date beautiful women from the street that are right for you. Most men make dating very difficult by allowing their limiting beliefs to get in the way. One of the main mistakes men make is being too outcome dependent and not enjoying the process of talking to women. This comes from having a scarcity mindset which is due to feeling afraid of not ever getting the success hence a phone number or a date with a beautiful woman.

This can be an easy mindset to fall into especially when starting out of perhaps you just gotten out of a long-term relationship. The key thing to remember is that not every woman is going to be right for you based on many factors that you have absolutely no control of. The exciting thing is that you can actually design your approach according to the values that you uphold and the type of qualities you look for in a woman. This will in fact naturally give you a stronger frame which will not only build more attraction with women but attract the right women into your life.

Like Johnny mentions in the video, failure equals success as some women will turn you down and others will be delighted to go on a date with you just at the fact that you had the confidence to approach them and be honest. Once you start working from an ethical place and being honest with expressing yourself the result will, in fact, be the process and then of course you will get phone numbers and dates as a result of building genuine connections with women.

Enjoy the process and become the best version of yourself!

Johnny Berba