Johnny Berba’s Daygame Secret For Shy Guys?

Johnny Berba demonstrates his Daygame secret for shy guys on the streets of London. For any guy that is shy and frustrated with not being able to attract beautiful women he must take action and quit reading theory. Most men who struggle with women and dating will tend to go online and read PUA books to find quick answers. Reading a book, blog, ebook, on how to approach women is very different to going out on the street and approaching women. You simply cannot gain experience, confidence, congruence, and master Daygame by reading about it.

I totally understand how daunting it can be to approach women when your afraid. However like everything worth while in life one must take the first step and challenge their limiting beliefs. Once you take the first step you realise its not as bad as you think, and you end up feeling much better for doing so.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba