Johnny Berba’s – “Daygame Blueprint” On How To Pickup English Women (Infield Pick-up)

Johnny Berba explains how to pickup English girls on the street (Daygame) And also shows several live video demonstrations of him picking up English girls on the street. There seems to be a day-game “myth” floating around that English girls are harder to attract than foreign women which is not actually the case. Guys tend to struggle with picking up English girls as a result of having the wrong mindset and of course not being genuine enough.

When you are using pick openers, lines, routines, this type of approach will only get you so far as girls are very sensitive to sniffing out lies. Johnny berea – Teaches his students to keep their approach, fun, simple, and honest which is all you need once you overcome your anxiety. You will then realise that girls are all the same in the sense that they all have similar if not the same psychology when it comes to attraction.

watch the video below to see for yourself –