Johnny Berba – Teaches Men How To Find self Love And Attract Women Naturally

Johnny Berba demonstrates how to manage social anxiety by being honest with people on the street. Social anxiety disorder can create a lot of irrational fear which can make talking to women extremely uncomfortable. What I have found to be a life-changing practice which I teach students on my 6-week transformation program is to sit in the feelings of fear/anxiety and get used to these feelings.

The way to sit in the feelings is to practice putting yourself in social situations that make you feel scared and the more you do this the quicker you will dissolve fear. This then becomes an exciting social practice because you know in facing your fears you will grow as a person and become more secure around women and people.

Overcoming social anxiety can be a real battle of the mind to begin with and emotionally taxing to the body. However once you practice and see the results for yourself you will gain more and more courage which will all lead to you accessing self-love.

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Johnny Berba