Johnny Berba French Kisses Random Girl On The Street

Are you sick and tired of feeling trapped and not being able to fully express yourself to the opposite sex? We live in a society today whereby there are underlining rules and regulations as to what is appropriate behaviour is in public. By no means am I saying we should be breaking the law, however as Arnold Schwarzeneggar said “In order to be successful, we should be breaking the rules, not the law but the rules”. Women are sick and tired of men using the same generic approach and men not being fully honest about their true intentions.

In this infield video by Johnny Berba he demonstrates this principle by breaking the rules by approaching a random woman in the street, being complete honest about his feelings, building an amazing connection with her and even sharing a romantic kiss! It is clearly evident how much the girl appreciated Johnny’s approach when she thanked him at the end. I am not that a man should be french kissing every woman in sight that walks past him in the street. What I am saying is that we can change or at least encourage the way men and women date and interact with each other by utilising honesty.

Johnny Berba’s entire attraction philosophy is all about meeting women through honesty and congruence, which naturally translates into other areas of your life including your career and general social life. It is this very same attraction philosophy that Johnny Berba teaches men throughout his 6 week 1-1 programs, as well as his weekend infield bootcamps.

Contrary to popular belief, most women do in fact want to be approached and seduced on the street, and so they do appreciate the initiative that men take in order to meet them in this fashion.

Your friends and coaches,

Johnny Berba & Paul