How To Talk To Women

Johnny Berba explains how to talk to women without having to use pick-up lines. The worst mistake you can make when starting a conversation with a woman is to talk from logic. When you talk from logic, you immediately fall out of alignment with your true emotions. The key is to not try and think about what to say but to feel what to say. Talking to women is actually very simple providing you learn how to manage anxiety. The more you put yourself in new social situations the better you will become at connecting with women/people.

Everybody feels a little nervous, especially when approaching a beautiful woman. The more you practice talking to women the more desensitised you will become to the fear. You will even start to enjoy the feelings of anxiety because you will get mastery over the feelings. Like I have mentioned before the more honest you are the more attraction you will build with a woman. You can also use other spiritual practices such as meditation which is really good for controlling anxiety and getting you more relaxed and present.