How To Overcome Your Negative State In Daygame?

I thought I would let you guys into my mind and maybe I could inspire you to take action and overcome your social anxiety and attract the women you want with honesty. So today is my day off which is rare so I decided to go for a walk around central London to practice talking to women from a place of honesty which of course I teach all my students to do. My mind is racing with negative thoughts along with some positive ones to which can sometimes be overwhelming especially for a naturally introverted person like myself. After several years of sleeping around with different women and going out on the streets to pick-up women in the hope of getting them into bed which I successfully did on many occasions, I decided to knock it all on the head.

So does that mean my day-game days are over well not exactly I’m just working from a different frequency now which is nice. I have decided that I will only sleep with one woman at a time because it feels like the right thing for me to do now. I’m 32 years of age and I finally know who I am which is nice after a long up  struggle with years of self-worth issues and massive social anxiety. I came to the realisation that sleeping with different women only leads to more pain and inner suffering and a life that is not congruent. I’m not in a position to judge anyone who does this as I did it myself for many years and I loved it at the time.

I did reach a point in my life when I felt it was no longer serving me anymore to sleep around and it did not feel in alignment with who I was. I’m now in search of a lovely woman to start a relationship with and potentially settle down. I want to be the first pick-up artist to go down on paper to say yes I believe in love and monogamy. I’m being a little bit sarcastic as I never considered myself a pick-up artist although many others would and that’s ok I can accept that.

So continuing with my day-gaming earlier today in London I started off with my usual ritual which is my meditation walk through London Hyde park which I love doing and highly recommend anyone that wants to improve their social confidence to do this. I just keep it really simple by walking and talking out loud to get out all my thoughts and feelings out which I find is so good for connecting to yourself and getting more present which is a great state to be in to do day-game.

So I come out at Marble arch via oxford street and started warming up socially saying hello to a few lovely girls and getting a warm response back from most of them. This always shifts my psychology from not being in the mood at all to talk to women to feeling allot more positive about doing day-game. I now see a lovely looking girl who I stop and have a conversation with which I later decided not to ask her out because I did not feel the need. This shifts me straight into the mood to do more and now my inner dialogue is being kind to me and giving me lots of encouragement which is always a bonus.

I guess you may be asking yourself after doing day-game for over a decade how comes I still have days where I struggle with negative thoughts and feel the anxiety to approach beautiful women. Well, my friend, that’s because I’m a human being in the human condition which has feelings and not to mention how strong social conditioning is with regards to what is socially acceptable.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this beautiful truth with you which has been so very kind to me in changing my whole reality. I built a lifestyle on this and now have the fine pleasure of teaching other men that are suffering social anxiety and lacking the confidence to meet women. I told one of my students the other day whilst out coaching him that the difference between a beginner and an advanced guy is how they manage their feelings. We all feel fear everyone does when they do day-game or talk to women from cold approach. I would say there is a large degree of men that are not fully honest about feeling the fact that they do feel fear before they speak to women. I want to mention that of course, most days I feel extremely confident approaching women because I have been practicing this for many years and have reached a level of congruence.

I have also thousands of positive reference points which do contribute to me building higher self-esteem as opposed to when I first started doing day game and my social anxiety was really severe. So back to my day out doing day game so yes after say a dozen genuine compliments and a few conversations along with several boyfriend objections I’m in a fantastic state which brings a smile to my face because this feeling’s is really why guys enter the pick-up community. When you feel that feeling of inner bliss you have just connected to your authentic self or a higher state of consciousness. Once you reach this state You know longer care about being judged by people or getting rejected by a girl you’re just enjoying the actual process of communicating with women from a place of honesty.

I will mention that many men never get to reach this place because they are not being honest when they approach women. They are frightened of showing who they really are so by using the pick-up artist methods they can hide and pretend to be confident and hopefully squeeze out a phone number. I’m not at all being judgmental as I for one appreciate how daunting it can be when you have social or approach anxiety to be yourself when you’re not yet confident with who you are.

Anyhow to get to the end I ended up talking to a lovely Spanish girl who’s English was on point but unfortunately, was married but on the upside she really appreciated me talking with her and I for one enjoyed her energy. So I’m happy with a good days work of being sociable on the streets of Central London the heart of (Day-game) so I decided to call it a day and head off to my favourite Chinese restaurant Wong Kie they do a lovely Soya chicken and steamed rice which is a great diet for any day-gamer.

Hold your horses it does not end there I see a lovely looking women in a black dress and I have to approach her. As soon as I said hello she smiled and said I’m in a rush so I calibrated with pure honesty and said I would like to go out with you for a drink is that ok and she agreed. This is why I love doing day-game the natural way because this can happen when you don’t expect nothing and enjoy the process you end up getting the result anyway.

I want to leave you guys with a short message that no matter how afraid you feel it’s so worth taking action and working through the fear. Once you actually start talking to women everything else will fit into place.

Juts to let you know I’m running a weekend Bootcamp in December which would be fantastic for getting you started with day-game especially if your have (Approach Anxiety)

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Thanks for reading my friend.

Johnny Berba

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