How To Overcome Social Anxiety By Becoming Conscious

This article is going to be very direct, honest, practical, spiritual, psychological, and healing. Social anxiety disorder is created from engaging in negative thoughts. These negative thoughts become a horror story that will create a negative reality if you allow it too. The more you listen to these negative thoughts the worse your social anxiety will become. Most people that have social anxiety are addicted to avoiding social situations. The more you avoid a fear the worse it becomes which is the case with social anxiety. Addictions become a secondary replacement for human connection which can come in the form of pornography, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, junk food, etc.

Addictions are like vampires that suck all your energy and leave you feeling empty and unloved. This is why social anxiety disorder causes a lot of loneliness and depression if not dealt with. Social anxiety disorder becomes a false identity that is not a true representation of a person. This is why something does not feel quite right on the inside. You feel like you are constantly running and hiding from something that is out to get you. Something that is going to take off your mask and expose you to the whole world. You feel like your not going to be accepted for who you truly are. Or you feel that people will be offended by your true self which is actually confident.

Social anxiety can make you lose all hope and purpose in life which causes more fear. FEAR is really just energy that needs to be transformed into positive action. This is why going to social events and suffering the uncomfortable feelings that come up when you speak to people will enable you to grow. This is the only way to grow and overcome social anxiety otherwise, you will be afraid of people forever. You also have to quit your negative addictions to re-align your energy and build your self-esteem up. This is about building a relationship with yourself by facing your social anxiety on both the practical & spiritual. The practical of course is talking to people and the spiritual is becoming conscious by starving your shadows/addictions. When these too are developed you become what I call socially conscious which feels beautiful. This does not mean being a perfect human being because no-one is of course.

Overcoming social anxiety is about becoming spiritually/psychologically conscious through a deliberate suffering. This suffering is painful but only for a period which will lead to massive growth. Growth can also be described as relief, which has the illusion of being socially comfortable. All these words like confidence, authenticity, being comfortable, all lead to the truth which is self-love. Consciousness is the highest level of human intelligence which is not intellectual but spiritual. This is the secret to getting good at talking with people and building relationships to become conscious. Great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle is awesome at teaching you how to become more conscious through the practice of being present.

Another beautiful truth that completely destroys social anxiety which is to be present. When you are fully present in the now completely free of thoughts anxiety is non-existent. You can also develop your inner presence through practicing presence on a daily basis. You can do this at anytime which is something Eckhart Tolle encourages.

You don’t need to do any of these practices practical/spiritual in any particular order. You can do them through following your intuition if that works better for you.  You also need to socialize on a regular basis to become socially relaxed around people or socially congruent really same thing. Talking to people is like anything it takes practice to master it and develop your confidence. I encourage you to also make sure you get enough rest when doing this work because it’s emotionally very taxing on the body and the mind. This is what I teach people on my 6-week transformation how to overcome social anxiety and become spiritually aligned to love.

It’s amazing what you can achieve if you are willing to suffer. Suffering is a word that often get’s lost in language and thought as something that is negative. Suffering is a word that could be described as “purifying” you to become stronger. This is what suffering is about when you face your social anxiety which can only happen through direct practical experience.