How To Overcome Feeling Unattractive And Feel Beautiful

As you can see in this video I confidently attract this lovely young woman just by being really honest as simple as that right? well, this was not always the case because several years ago I felt really unattractive. I suffered from severe social anxiety which was the cause of undergoing some harsh criticism and physical bullying during school. All throughout my early twenties, I was terrified of the opposite sex because I simply did not feel I was good enough. I suffered from low self-esteem and this used to make me feel ugly.

I know the term Ugly is not a nice word to use and this is the tile I use on some of my youtube videos which can often get mixed reactions from the viewers. I use this title for two reasons as it’s good for marketing and getting people to click my video and watch it. Secondly, it’s to inspire men that don’t feel they are good-looking to go out and challenge their limiting beliefs with attracting women they want to date.

I now feel very attractive as I was able to disprove all my limiting beliefs and insecurities with attracting women. My passion is now teaching other men that feel unattractive which I have successfully been doing for the past four years and continue to do. I want to not only help men but also women to become more honest and trusting of themselves and men in their dating lives.

My message is about LOVE and connecting to love through the medium of honesty.

Thanks for reading!

Your friend,

Johnny Berba