How To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Johnny Berba explains how to overcome erectile dysfunction by being really honest. Most men at some stage will experience erectile dysfunction which is usually the cause of suffering from performance anxiety. The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to tell the girl before you get closer to the sexual encounter. Women don’t care about this as much as we men do and that’s why in telling the girl you will free yourself from any guilt or shame. Once you openly tell the girl about it you will feel better for bringing it out in the open.

I would also recommend you practice relaxing more when your with a girl. Erectile dysfunction will definitely happen if your stressed out and panicking. I found from having suffered many years ago from erectile dysfunction that when I relaxed more and focused on building a genuine connection with the girl that I was able to get an erection quite easily.  Like I mentioned it’s very common amongst men and most women are not that bothered about it so don’t make it a bigger deal then it actually is.

If the erectile dysfunction continues to happen after telling the girl then I highly recommend you seek professional help from a doctor or specialists. This is a psychological fear that is caused from overthinking which causes the body to go into flight or flight.