How To Overcome Approach Anxiety?

What is Approach anxiety?

Well, it’s basically the fear of being judged by other people which creates a biological response better known as fight or flight. This psychological fear creates social anxiety which is really the same thing as (Approach Anxiety)

Is it normal to suffer from Approach anxiety?

Yes, of course, we are human beings with feelings and emotions and part of our survival mechanism is to survive against anything that could be a threat to our lives. However when we see an attractive woman that we would like to speak to this can trigger off anxiety which can be due to the reason we don’t want to be rejected by this woman or even worse psychically harmed. Now most of our fears are completely irrational and need updating from the days of being a caveman and someone coming along and smashing our head in. I have learned through the practice of honesty and building higher self-esteem to manage my (Approach Anxiety) and still be able to approach any attractive woman I want to talk to. You have to also realize the amount of social conditioning that plays a huge part in us feeling anxiety when we want to speak to a woman for the first time. In society, it is not within the social norms to approach women outside a nightclub environment. This is why when doing day-game especially when starting out you will most likely experience high levels of approach anxiety because you have not practiced managing the feelings enough and getting more desensitized through gaining more positive reference experiences. 

Can you ever completely get rid of approach anxiety?

Well, I would say no it will never completely go and this is a good thing because otherwise we would not be able to connect with one another on such a genuine level. This is not to say with lot’s of social practice that you can most definitely reduce or manage your approach anxiety to a level where it’s not really felt. However, it’s going to come and go depending on many different factors such as what level of social pressure you are placed in. The exciting thing is over time you can learn to use your anxiety to connect with women.

Can you overcome approach anxiety through reading books?

The answer is, of course, no you can’t get a logical understand of fear. You have to expose yourself to the feelings and develop social confidence because reading knowledge and applying it are two very different things altogether.

What are the methods to get better at managing approach anxiety?

I have developed one method which is the practice of honesty which helps to massively reduce social or approach anxiety. In my 30 Day Anxiety Program, I lay out a whole step by step framework which involves state-building exercises to get yourself in a positive mood to approach beautiful women in pretty much any social situation. I also cover a process of asking women fro directions to get yourself more relaxed then moving onto compliments which will massively build your confidence especially when you see the reactions are mostly positive from women. The more positive reference experience you have the more you psychology will shift from feeling afraid to extremely confident.

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