How To Manage Fear And Build Self Confidence With Women

In this video, Johnny Berba demonstrates how to manage social fear and build confidence with women.

Johnny explains that it’s completely normal to feel afraid before going out in public to meet women. The best thing you can do is to get better at managing your social anxiety through exposing yourself to the feelings more. If you’re suffering from social anxiety or approach anxiety which is basically the same thing then you need to take small steps towards getting more comfortable around women and people. I have explained how you can take these steps in my 30-day online program: Berba Anxiety Program which gives you my entire method on conquering approach anxiety and building confidence with meeting beautiful women.

You can also watch more of my FREE youtube videos where I demonstrate how to overcome anxiety through getting into state giving genuine compliments to women on the street. You can also learn more about my signature six-week transformation program where I will coach you privately one on one in London.

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