How To Make New Friends?

Johnny Berba explains how to overcome social anxiety and make new friends. Making new friends can be really scary especially when you have trouble trusting people. What you have to remember is that when you don’t trust people you also don’t trust yourself. The way to start trusting yourself more is to start loving yourself more by practicing being honest in all areas of your life. I found that my social anxiety massively decreased when I started to work on my integrity. This may sound cheesy but when you connect to your authentic self you will want to connect with other people.

If you don’t work towards trusting others and building friendships you will never be truly happy. Men and women need to build relationships with each other in order to connect to love. Learning day-game is fantastic for building your approaching confidence with being able to speak to new people. However if your just going out to get laid and sleep with as many women as possible this will not make you happy and develop trust with making new friends. The problem that most men have when getting into pick-up artistry is that they are not honest with people. You can never build a genuine friendship if your using manipulation to get people to like you.

Making new friends is about surrendering to love and being honest and open with people and connecting from a pure place. If you want to create a reality of love and happiness then you need to become this person. Once you start working on yourself and getting rid of all your fears and insecurities you will only be left with who you are which is your true self, and this is the person that people will love. If you want to attract beautiful women into your life then you need to develop friendships with other men to add more value to your life.

In the Bible it says “The way you treat the least of you is the way you treat me” Basically meaning how you treat others is how you treat yourself. So think about the way you treat women and other people if you want to build a healthy relationship with yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Johnny Berba