How To Handle Social Anxiety And Transform Your Dating Life!

Johnny Berba and (Naz) explain what social anxiety is and why the bootcamp can help any men that are suffering from it. Johnny Berba has literally transformed the lives of hundreds of men that have suffered from social anxiety and have lacked the confidence to approach beautiful women. You can watch some of Johnny Berba’s coaching school videos on his youtube channel to see the amazing transformations with his students on his weekend bootcamp!

Most men that suffer from social anxiety tend to be quite introverted and find it particularly difficult to socialise with people. Social anxiety is usually the cause of experiencing a negative experience in early childhood that can effect people later on in their social life. The best way to overcome social anxiety is to expose yourself to the feelings of anxiety by placing yourself in social situations. This of course can be difficult to do at first for anyone suffering from the condition, however with what Johnny Berba and Naz teach on their weekend bootcamp in London you can learn to manage the feelings by practising being honest with people.

Once you begin to expose yourself by talking to women and men you will build the self confidence and then of course your social anxiety will rapidly decrease. If you are suffering really badly and finding it difficult to leave your house then I recommend you practice going for walks in busy areas to expose yourself to people and eventually build the courage to approach people in different social environments.

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