How To Get Into State For Socially Anxious Guys (Poland Krakow)

The biggest sticking point most men have in day-game before anything else is leaving the house and taking action. This may sound trivial but for most guys that are not happy with their dating life

leaving the house can be extremely difficult. I know this to be very true for myself when I first suffered at the hands of social anxiety and found it absolutely terrifying to leave my house. I’m not going to go to deep into the psychology as to why fear keeps most men small and from not meeting their ideal partner. Let me just tell you that leaving the house and just going for a walk would be a massive progression as opposed to sitting at home and watching youtube videos.

The idea is to trick yourself into facing your social fears by moving forward one step at a time. I always find from teaching students on my weekend bootcamps that they respond really well to taking small progressive steps towards approaching women. I cannot recommend enough if your

new to learning how to meet women during the day to warm up by giving genuine compliments.

Now if giving compliments is still to much social pressure for you then just ask for directions which in my opinion is still a great way to become more confident with speaking to women.

Once you start putting yourself in social situations that are slightly uncomfortable you will begin to

feel more relaxed. The key is to be honest with people, especially when approaching attractive women. When I first started out I was extremely insecure which created me to have allot of social anxiety. I was always really frightened of being judged by women and possibly being laughed at.

The key to overcoming your fear is to disprove it by collecting positive and negative reference points. Now of course you cannot change your psychology by reading about it you have to gain practical experience which is why doing day-game is so rewarding and a fantastic way to build your self esteem. In case your not familiar with the term reference point? It’s basically approaching a woman and talking with her and having a positive experience which of course would change the way you think about speaking to women. Now you need to really practice this is you want to get maximum results with women and to also reduce your social anxiety. The more women you approach, the more reference experience you will gain and of course the mind can then be persuaded to change it’s perception which ultimately changes your reality.

I always remind my students that I mentor on my 6 week transformation program that if they

think that women won’t find them attractive to go and find out by approaching them. As soon as

they approach half a dozen women and get at least more than 50% that respond really well they can no longer claim that women don’t find them attractive. I also learned that most men are so afraid to begin with that even getting a positive response from a woman can make them feel socially anxious which again is very normal when starting out.

Like I mentioned earlier getting as much positive and negative reference experience through approaching women is key in building your self confidence. I want to remind you as much as your probably afraid of getting negative reactions from women it’s very important you get used to experiencing some social discomfort. I could have never got to the level I’m at as a current student

and teacher of (Daygame) without experiencing a fair amount of negative reactions from women.

You will come to realise that being able to handle a negative response from a woman is good for your internal development, some would better know this as your inner-game.

                          The 4 Key state principles to become congruent:

–  Accepting yourself

–  Positive reference points

–  Simple practical steps

–  Becoming a master of your mind

   Lastly –

My philosophy of state building for newbies with day-game is designed to give you the core fundamental principles of approaching and attracting women during the day. Once you master your state your can master all the other steps from approaching women to building a genuine connection to then of course starting a relationship. Now Of course you can do all this by using pick-up methods and manipulating women which I’m totally not advocating you do as I have found that working from a place of honesty is much better for you and any woman that you interact with. The more honest your are in your life the better the woman you will attract which also goes hand in hand for the reality that you will create.

P.S Poland (Krakow) is a beautiful city and the women are extremely friendly especially when your honest when talking with them. I highly recommend anyone wanting to further their dating skills and connect with very beautiful women to visit Poland (Krakow) for some day-game

Thanks for connecting with me mate,

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba