How To Change Your Story

Johnny Berba talks about how he used his past story to motivate himself to become successful in his life and to also teach other men to do the same on his 6-week transformation program. Everyone in life has a story that usually plays out in how a person lives their life be it good or bad. The question to ask yourself is are you happy with the narrative that you are creating. We as human beings all carry some kind of shame, guilt, anger, rejection, from our past, but very few people will have enough courage to face their demons and access the kingdom within which is SELF LOVE.

Johnny goes onto to explain the process that he used to transform his life from being really socially anxious to now being socially relaxed around people. Social anxiety is a result of a negative story that needs re-editing which usually happens with facing your darkest fears to reach your full potential in life. Once you begin to face your fears you will build self-esteem and your story will in fact be reshaped in the way hat you want it.