How To Build Your Confidence Through Honesty

                                 How To Build Your Confidence Through Honesty 

The main sticking point I see with men/women I teach is a lack self-confidence. This lack of self-confidence is creating a lot of anxiety and depression because of not being able to connect with other people and themselves. This leads on to other negative behaviors such as being judgemental, angry, jealous, envious, and in some cases violent towards people.

Now to state the obvious of course you are not going to be confident with who you are if you are doing all these negative things. Social anxiety all comes from a negative projection of yourself and other people. The only way to change your negative projection of yourself and other people is to work on yourself.

So what does HONESTY have to do with all this?


If you focus on being a good person and not engaging in negativities such as the following for example:








You will immediately start feeling good about yourself because you are living clean. This is where true CONFIDENCE derives from living with integrity and being your true self. This may sound very obvious but believe, me the majority of people are not putting this into practice. When I coach people on my 6-week transformation program it’s often one or more of these negative behaviors that people are engaging in that are stopping them from getting the right relationship they want with a woman/man and themselves.

As you may know, I have mentored hundreds of men and I’m now also working with women that are struggling with anxiety and self-confidence issues. I have also tested this for myself as someone that used to have social anxiety and depression. The confidence you will have is second to none and then you will start attracting good things into your life. The more honest you are the less you have to worry about when interacting with beautiful women/people.

It’s that simple become your best self by getting rid of all the negative aspects of your life and your personality. This is what my teaching is about on my 6-week transformation program and the results are life changing for people that are serious about changing their life. Once you are confident with who you are talking to women, improving your living situation, changing jobs, expanding your business will be so much easier.

Without confidence, none of these things are likely going to happen. Confidence is really just another word to describe self-love which is the secret to living a happy life and loving yourself and other people.

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