How To Build Confidence With Beautiful Women (Infield Daygame)

I demonstrates how to overcome approach anxiety and attract women in day-game. The best way to overcome anxiety is to go out and place yourself in social situations that invoke the feelings of anxiety. As uncomfortable as this may be to begin with, you will grow more courage and the anxiety will massively reduce. Women are attracted to confidence which is pretty obvious and you don’t need to read a dating book to understand this just look out into the real world. The best way I found to teach my students to overcome their anxiety and attract women is to get them to approach women and be completely honest about how they feel.

As you can see through watching my infield videos I’m not using any PUA techniques. I’m just going up and being honest with the women about how I feel. As you can see the women  react really well to my approach and one beautiful girl offers me her phone number despite having a boyfriend which I decline.

Getting good with women demands massive amounts of practice and dedication which you simply cannot get from reading books or evan watching videos. I recommend you hiring a professional coach to help support you towards reaching your goals. If a Coach is not an option for you then you definitely want to think about getting a wingman to support you whilst on your journey to learning day-game.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba