How To Build A Good Relationship With People

                                       How To Build A Good Relationship With People

Something that a lot of my students struggle with is attracting the right relationships into their life. You only have to look around in the world to see this taking place. If you watch the news which I choose not to you will see so much hate and anger in people. I’m sure right now perhaps you know someone who is always negative and blaming other people for their lack of happiness. Maybe right now you are that person that is unhappy due to not taking responsibility for your life. This is not a comfortable thing for most people to admit because of their ego. Well it takes one to know one because I used to blame everyone else for my lack of happiness. I blamed my family and friends and my schooling and my upbringing. The majority of my unhappiness came from my social anxiety which made it incredibly difficult for me to enjoy my life. Although my anxiety was the cause of a childhood trauma which was not my fault. It was well within my power to take control of my life and build a good relationship with myself. So all the problems that people have in their life can only truly be solved by working on themselves. Again I get lot’s of men asking me how can they attract a beautiful woman into their life. The answer is the same if you want to attract a high quality woman you must build that relationship with yourself. We attract what we are so the clue is in the title it’s within your power. The main problem I see with people who don’t excel is they don’t want to do the work that requires this change to take place. Fear is the number one obstacle that gets in people’s way.

Nothing of any really value comes easy to us without doing the hard craft. I alway’s knew this which is why it personally took me much longer to change myself then it needed to. This is why I now offer my 6-week transformation program to help and support people to overcome their fears and build a fantastic relationship with themselves in a quicker space of time. I have suffered with all the anxieties and personality disorders like jealousy, anger, fear, doubt, and low self self esteem. I have now got a fantastic relationship with myself and my family and friends because I changed myself. I’m telling people the same story week in week out when I coach people in London. The exciting thing is everyone can change if they really want to. The longer you blame other people the more you are going to suffer. Once again I know this can initially be a challenging concept because you may have been mistreated and feel unjustified with how life has treated you. I went through all of this with my anger towards my Dad and people that had bullied me in the past. I promise you none of the anger or blame helped me in any positive way.  It was only till I started to experience real unhappiness and depression I thought enough is enough. I started to work on all the negative aspects of my personality which massively changed my life. I invested in a mentor which gave me all the support I needed at the time to do, the, work. In the process I forgave my Dad and myself of course along with other people that I was holding anger towards.

This act of self love is so empowering it literally has a positive effect on every area of your life. you can only truly understand this through experiencing it which is why my teaching is all about supporting people through their own experience. The practice of honesty/Integrity is the foundation of my teaching that gives you the inner/outer instruction to move forward and to live from this place. The more congruent you are the less you need to worry about what others are doing. So for example people that are living out of alignment will not be attracted to you. Like I have mentioned the relationship you have with yourself will determine the relationship you have with others. This philosophy is the same for dating a woman and vice, verse for woman dating a man. So the relationships you have right now are a reflection of where you are at spiritually. This means you are in control of everything providing you take responsibility for this amazing gift which is inside you.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba