How To Be “Super Sexual” In Daygame

This video brakes down the mindset and the technical steps on how to sexually escalate with a woman. Daygame is not only having a conversation with a HOT girl on the street and collecting her phone number! It’s a process of developing your skills with women and learning how to show your SEXUAL intent in a very natural way. Women are attracted to guys who can demonstrate such traits of sexual “CONFIDENCE”.. The body follow’s the mind so before you APPROACH HOT girl think about being SEXUAL: Strong eye-contact smile 🙂 voice tonality Once your able to master these 3 keys of communication your results with women will sky ROCKET. Once you start learning how to be more sexual around women you will start noticing that women respond to you without having to say or do to much. This sexual communication that takes place between men & women is actually mostly non-verbal so what you say will not matter to much as long as your sub-communication is on BABY!