How To Attract Beautiful Women On The Street (Daygame Pickup)

Johnny Berba demonstrates how to meet and attract beautiful women on the streets of Central London. Most dating companies market a day-game blueprint or a pickup artist method that is guaranteed to get you every woman you approach. This is not the truth and with this type of thinking you will not build rock solid confidence with women. The reality is actually allot better because you will encounter some rejection along the way to meeting a beautiful woman. However the rejections will make you stronger and appreciate the women you connect with.

Another mistake men make when doing day-game is being too outcome dependant and this can actually make connecting with beautiful women very difficult. Women are very emotional when it comes to being approached by men so if your not being honest they will most likely reject you. The key is to have fun and completely take your mind of getting phone numbers. Once your able to consistently operate from this mindset you will see your results with attracting beautiful women dramatically increase.