Free Seminar: How To Overcome Approach Anxiety And Attract Women

If you are not happy with the level of success you are currently having with women then we are here to guide you into the right direction. Our philosophy is to develop you as a naturally attractive person without getting you to rely on goofy routines, pickup lines and gimmicks. We want to get you confident in all areas of your life and help you to be the best ‘you’ that you can be. Take a look at this live infield instant date with a beautiful girl With over 10 years of experience, and with one of the best daygame coaches in the world, you can be rest assured that we are more than capable of getting you the results which you are after. Having coached several hundreds of guys, we are extremely confident that whatever the case may be, we can set you into the right direction and help you be that naturally attractive man who women are drawn to. Below is some of what you will be learning at the “FREE” introductory training seminar * Inner-game * Getting into the correct mindset and shattering limiting beliefs. * Getting into ‘state’ and destroying approach anxiety * Dominance and getting women interested in a matter of seconds! * Improvisation and never running out of things to say * Texting language which almost guarantees you a response! * Kino escalation and building immense sexual attraction! * Personal styling & fashion which draws in the women! * How to sexually escalate on a first date with a woman! * How to avoid the friend-zone! and build solid attraction * How to approach girls in coffee shops * And lots more.. The beauty of Street-Challenge is that what we teach is not limited to the streets. We can get you confident enough to approach and interact with beautiful women in pretty much any situation, whether it is at coffee shops, supermarkets, the bus stop or train station. You will be able to attract the women that you desire in the day or night time, at clubs, bars or pubs. We want to get you to the stage where you are confident enough to interact with women in normal everyday situations.   Here are some reviews from previous students: As someone who has lived with social anxiety this has really improved my confidence approaching and talking to women- Johnny demonstrates the practical skills you need in-field, provides great feedback to your approaches and the workshops really help change your mindset and improve your conversations with women. Highly recommended! ” — Nick on Feb 17, 2013. Having no success with women what-so-ever…I began to get really pissed off with the way things were.. Finding Johnny was a turning point because through coaching with him, I went from being a total nervous wreck to somebody who can confidently interact with women and get numbers. This has drastically improved my dating life, which was non-existent, and now I have opened up a world of options. ” — Imran Scorpz on Jan 18, 2013 We open for registration at 11.30 to start at 12 o’clock sharp. We’re gonna have 30 min lunch break and 1 short break in between. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys icon_smile-9742931 Johnny – Contact 07785281116