Enjoying The Process When Talking To Girls

In this video, Johnny Berba explains how you can make your interactions with girls more honest. Using a pick-up structure to get women to like you is ultimately a losing battle. The less you think about what to say to a woman and the more you focus on enjoying the present moment and having fun the better the connection will be between you and the girl. This, of course, takes practice and not something you will be able to master in one approach. You need to be dedicated to mastering yourself through the practice of being honest and open when you talk to girls. You will probably find there will be some initial resistance or anxiety that you will experience in your body which is very normal. However once you are able to get control of the fear and express yourself from a place of genuine interest for the girl you will shift into a state of presence which feels totally amazing.

The more you get into this state of presence the more you will remember the feeling and be able to get there when you talk to women. Remember I’m not saying being yourself is about being perfect not at all it’s actually about accepting yourself in every single moment. This practice alone will not only improve your skills with women but will also help you in every area of your life.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba

Enjoy the process