Benedict’s Life Changing Transformation

Hey man,

I have to share this life-changing story, with you about my friend Benedict. I first meet Benedict last year actually he called me up to inquire about my weekend Bootcamp as he was suffering from approach anxiety. I have to be honest at first I did not feel he was right for my coaching as he was heavily influenced by the pick-up artist methods which I myself have left behind several years ago as it did not feel like the right path for me as both a teacher and student.

I have personally suffered from social anxiety myself so I know how crippling this FEAR can be for people which is why I dedicated my life to helping others to overcome this. Anyhow to cut a long story short I ended up connecting with Benedict over a phone call again and he had explained his story which really touched me and of course I could relate to his struggle with social anxiety so I agreed to mentor him over Skype to build a relationship with me as trusting people was an issue for him due to years of bullying at school which is exactly what played a part in my social anxiety growing up as a young man in my twenties.

What first stuck out to me was Benedict’s natural charm which was evident as soon as you see him. I was also super impressed with his dedication for personal development and his will to become his strongest version of himself. In, all honesty it was like looking at myself, but he’s definitely more handsome then I was baring in mind he is only 19 years of age. I began doing one hour Skype sessions with him once per week for several months and the insightful stuff that would come out of our conversations was pure gold. I have to admit that Benedict took me to another level as he challenged all my teaching and sometimes made me question certain aspects about my philosophy on just “being yourself with women” haha!

I won’t go into detail about everything as it was personal client info which I 100% agree to never break for all my clients I work with on my coaching programs. Luckily Benedict was kind enough to let me interview him to share his experience in working with me long term and also having just taken my weekend Bootcamp in London which was another amazing experience for me and my team.

You can watch the interview here by clicking the link below:

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Johnny Berba


Enjoy the process!