Approaching Beautiful Women Is How You Get Good (6-Week Program)

Hey mate,

I feel so excited and happy to share what I have learned from going out on the street or in public and approaching beautiful women. I have learned the more you approach women and face your fear the better you become. As simple as this sounds it really is that simple but most men don’t see it this way because they have limiting fearful beliefs about what they are capable of getting in terms of meeting women.

I understand how men feel because I used to be so insecure when it came to approaching women and telling them that I found them attracted and asking them out. I got to the stage where so many of my students get to which is ROCK BOTTOM where you feel so helpless and depressed and disconnected from the world.

I want to TEACH you right now the exact steps that I put you through on my 6-week transformation program in London.

The first step is simply overcoming the fear and approaching and giving a genuine compliment…
The second step is to approach and give a genuine compliment then continue with the conversation and stay In longer in order to build more confidence talking to women.

The third step is to find out weather the girl/woman is single or not? then you ask her our for a coffee.
Once you are able to do all these steps consistently you will get results it’s literally only a matter of time before one woman agrees to go on a date with you.

Once you get the phone number the next step is to TEXT the woman saying you enjoyed meeting her ad talking. Then once she replies you TEXT asking her to come out on a specific day.

Have you noticed a pattern with how to coach you on how to attract a woman from the street to the date. The pattern is progressive in that you are always leading from when you approach to when you start the conversation after giving a compliment to inviting her out.


Most men screw up because they simply don’t know how to lead and this makes the woman loose respect and it kills the attraction. This all comes down to being honest and communicating in an honest/authentic way. I learned this from years of approaching and dating beautiful women from the street.

I want to also tell you about the advanced level of dating and relationship’s with women that I teach on my 6-week program which is state shifting which is all about feeling good when you approach and learning how to keep your state up and not let it drop into you feeling negative.

WOW! when you are in a good state women go crazy they get really attracted and sometimes they will even ask you out during the conversation when you have approached them because they can feel you are feeling confident in yourself.

Confidence is everything when it comes to meeting and attracting women which is what my 6-weeks program is about helping you to build confidence with approaching and attracting and dating beautiful women.

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Plus I will be taking you to some new secret locations in Central London where there are some seriously beautiful women to approach. I want to mention that we will have so much fun and that is what dating should be about having fun not taking life so serious. Remember the more you enjoy approaching women and having fun the greater chance you have of meeting someone that is also fun.

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Johnny Berba