Alex Conquered His Anxiety And Got A Girlfriend (6 Week Program)

Are you sick of anxiety ruining your dating and social life?

Check out my client Alex who took my 6 week transformation programme. He was also really struggling with anxiety.

When Alex first came to me for coaching he couldn’t make eye contact with women. Alex would also get really anxious in social situations and this would cause him to “stutter”which made him feel really embarrassed.

Alex was also a virgin who never had a girlfriend in his life. He told me that he really struggled to build and Maintain relationships with women and people.

He started watching my videos and going out to practice saying hello to women…

Alex still struggled to talk to women in public and this is when he made the decision to email me for coaching.

Like a lot of my clients that have anxiety, Alex had so much potential with women and people he just lacked the confidence and self-belief and needed some coaching and support from a professional expert. Alex needed someone to push him to do what he knew deep down in his heart he could do, but was too afraid to do by himself.

Alex has now become one of my most amazing client transformation stories. He conquered his anxiety and meet his first girlfriend from an approach he did in a coffee shop. He made new friends and from the confidence he gained from my coaching he decided to confront all of his existing fears he had in his life.

Like I said in the video, I loved working with Alex Because he was one of the most bravest and committed clients I have ever coached.

Check out Alex’s video testimonial below this email. It’s really inspiring.

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