Addictions & Social Anxiety: Build Self Confidence

I have been working with a lot of students in Central London on my 6-week transformation program helping them overcome social anxiety by approaching women and saying hello, giving compliments, and practicing conversation skills which is a fantastic way to build social confidence. This is what my coaching is about getting people out of their comfort zone and helping them to speak to people with honesty.

Honesty is so important in order to be happy and to continue growing in love and self-esteem. One of the biggest sticking points I see every week with students is (ADDICTIONS) they are not being honest with themselves which is what is causing a lot of anxiety and depression. Addictions are very difficult to quit especially if you have built an identity around them which is attached to all your relationships. Alcohol. porn, negative relationships, avoidance, not being social, anger, jealousy, all these things lower self-esteem and leave you feeling depressed.

If you don’t overcome your addictions it’s going to be very difficult to attract a woman that is beautiful. This is why I teach students on my 6-week transformation is YES to approach women/people in order to build confidence which is important. However. if you don’t quit all your negative addictions you are not going to be happy and reach your full potential whether that’s with dating, business, whatever your goal is. Addictions will always pull you away from the direction that you want to go in. I coach a lot of people in the United states over skype and this is the main thing that comes up porn addiction which is a way to escape dealing with social anxiety.

So the two go hand in hand which is to quit your addictions and speak to people women/men. This is the essence of overcoming social anxiety and becoming confident with not just women but with life. You cannot expect to be addicted to all the wrong things and wonder why you are struggling with women/relationships. I can feel when I work with people and tell them about the importance of giving up their addictions they think they are going to lose something. This is true you will lose a part of you that is not real which is a false personality that is not helping you one bit. Once you let go of this false personality you immediately grow stronger and so much more confident in who you truly are. This is the essence of self-confidence being honest and congruent. You then realize that the “CONFIDENCE” you have when approaching women comes from the INSIDE, not the outside.

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