The weekend confidence programme is going to teach you how to be confident with women. This programme is 100% Infield training designed for men who lack  confidence with women. This programme is 10 hours Practical training which will be taught Saturday & Sunday, 5 hours training each day including a 1-hour lunch break. We will be giving you instant feedback to ensure that you are getting maximum results with women. This programme will be held in Central London in a nice relaxed environment. We take maximum 4 students on each programme.

This programme is for men who are serious about becoming more confident with women through the practice of honesty. The Weekend Confidence Programme will also help men overcome their shyness/anxiety with women and improve their conversation skills.

  • How to overcome anxiety with women.
  • How to build & maintain a positive state.
  • How to have good body language.
  • How to build Self Confidence.
  • How to start a a conversation.
  • How to build deeper connection.
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs.