The process of Meeting Women Naturally

johnny on bridge

In this month long documentary, I wanted to share with you guys the full truth and journey every guy should go on to be good with women. Over this next month you will see all of my successes and failures, all my highs and lows and ultimately learn why its important to be yourself with the women you meet.

So, expect to see me going into interactions, getting turned down, getting numbers, giving coaching and advice, being high energy and being low. I’m going to break the limiting beliefs you may have and show you the truth about pick-up that you may like or disagree with.

So This documentary was filmed over the course of a few hours and broken down into bite-sized chunks to coach you guys over a month. Stay tuned till the end guys because I promise you, if you want to be the best in meeting women, you’ll want to watch right through to the end.