Social Anxiety|How To Overcome Fear And Become Socially Confident +Daygame Tips!


In This video documentary Johnny Berba explains and demonstrates how to overcome social anxiety through the practicality of honesty. Johnny explains that men who suffer from approach anxiety actually have social anxiety which is really the same thing. Most guys that get into pick-up or day-game in order to meet beautiful women don’t realise that they lack social confidence with everyone. Yes of course talking to a woman on a romantic level is very different to having a friendly conversation with someone. However the two are linked together and its no surprise that men who are more on the introverted side will initially find it difficult to open up and connect with women and men.

Johnny Berba has been coaching men for the past four years on how to overcome shyness & anxiety as well as attracting women naturally. It was through Johnny Berba’s famous youtube series where by he coached students on his 6 week transformation program, taking them from being really socially anxious to super confident with speaking to women on the street (Daygame) and dramatically improving all areas of their social life.

Getting good at day-game which is the art of attracting women during the day, is about becoming a more well rounded socially congruent person. Johnny Berba encourages men to be honest with women and through doing so this will remove the anxiety and build healthier relationships with not only women but close friends and family members. Like Johnny mentions its not just about going out to pick-up girls its about developing yourself in all areas of your social life and becoming a better person.

Want to get help with your Social anxiety? Take action today!

This can be really daunting as Johnny himself admits to suffering from this condition for many years which effected his confidence with dating women and connecting with other people. The best way to overcome socail anxiety is to first talk to someone about it in order to get it off your chest. I would then recommend you consider getting some professional support to overcome your social phobia. Johnny Berba and his team offer weekend bootcamps in London where by you will be taken out during the day and coached on how to handle your anxiety and to speak to women and learn the process of attracting them naturally.

Johnny also offers his signature 6 week transformation program which is life changing as you can see on his testimonial page on the website. You should also check out his coaching school transformations on youtube to see the proof for yourself.

Remember you are not alone many men and women suffer from this social phobia due to a negative past experience from early childhood. The exciting thing is you can overcome your social anxiety through being really honest and taking practical action with talking with people and exposing yourself more in public which again Johnny demonstrated in his video.

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Johnny Berba

Enjoy the process :)