Social Anxiety Is Effecting Your Daygame?

social anxiety

In this video Johnny Berba explains how social anxiety is effecting lots of men that take part in learning day-game. Men that lack confidence to approach women usually suffer from a form of social phobia. Most men would usually play it down in regards to how much they are actually struggling to speak to women because they feel ashamed. Social anxiety is ultimately the psychological fear of being judged by other people.

Johnny Berba used to also suffer from social anxiety and of course lacked the confidence to speak to women. Since making a life changing transformation himself Johnny is now coaching other men that suffer from social anxiety on his 6 week transformation program.

Johnny also explains that shyness is also linked to social phobia which again is usually the fear of being judged by others. Most people that suffer from social anxiety have no idea that they can actually get help and overcome this condition through what Johnny teaches in his programs. If you have high levels of social anxiety and your finding it incredibly difficult to be around people then you may want to consider watching Johnny Berba’s 30 day anxiety which is a 30 day transformation online program. You can access the anxiety program on the product section of Johnny’s website.

The only way to get over social anxiety is to gradually expose yourself to more social situations and practice talking to people from a place of honesty. The more you talk with new people and see that nothing bad will actually happen the more your psychology will begin to change the negative patterns and be forced to create new positive ones. You can actually make this a very exciting private practice because every person you encounter in your daily life is a chance for you to speak to and connect with from a pure place.

Your friend,

Johnny Berba