So-Called “Experts” On Youtube! Are Not Fully Honest About Social Anxiety

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So-Called “Experts” On Youtube Are Not Fully Honest About Social Anxiety

I am sick and tired of the number of so-called experts on Youtube not being fully honest about how to overcome social anxiety. Most of the experts all look and sound exactly the same on youtube. It’s always the same really cheesy advice that does not help a person who has social anxiety to actually take action in the REAL WORLD TO OVERCOME IT/ or at least make some positive progress and gain social confidence. The experts seem more concerned about getting views and subscribers on their Youtube channel and getting you to pay them money for their downloadable Ebooks with more generic tips on overcoming social anxiety.


Well, I am an expert who is going to be completely transparent with you about everything I know about social anxiety. First of all, I have suffered from social anxiety all my life and I have coached literally hundreds of people with social anxiety to improve their self-confidence in all areas of life.


I have 8-year’s experience as a Confidence coach and during that time I have learned the truth about social anxiety, not the theory of what some so-called expert wrote in a book which came from him researching scientific so-called theories about social anxiety.


Social anxiety is not an easy thing to overcome by any means especially if a person has had a very traumatic childhood and undergone a lot of bullying from kids at school and also their parents. With social anxiety comes a lot of deep shame, emotional pain, anger, self-hate, distrust, paranoia, and very obsessive intrusive thoughts. My social anxiety came from being bullied at school and growing up in a rough area in west London on a council estate. I also had a very difficult relationship with my Dad which put a lot of fear in me. I struggled to make eye-contact with people and always found it very difficult to relax at family gatherings and parties and busy public places. I was quite a shy kid growing up although I could be very confident and outgoing if I felt relaxed around people.


It took me many years to speak publically about my social anxiety because, in all honesty, I felt too ashamed and uncomfortable with people knowing about my mental health issues. One of my biggest anxieties and insecurities growing up all throughout my teens was talking to women. I felt so nervous around women and paranoid about them judging me and thinking I was unattractive. This social anxiety I had with women came from being rejected at school when I was younger and also being called nasty names by girls and boys at school.


I couldn’t go out in public places for a time long without having a friend with me otherwise my social anxiety and paranoia were to STRONG. I couldn’t go into restaurants and order food without panicking that the people were judging me in a negative light. Unconsciously I was also on edge around people because I was worried that they were going to make fun of me and that would make me get angry. I felt so trapped in all my fears and concerns about getting into some kind of argument with people. I also didn’t like making other people feel bad which in essence isn’t a bad thing but when it literally cripples you socially it is.



Social anxiety equals a lot of paranoia which most of the so-called experts don’t talk about enough. They avoid the truth and gloss it over with some bullshit breathing exercises that sound great in theory but in actual reality, they don’t work. The only thing that works is to become fearless and face your social anxiety for the rest of your life until you can build more confidence and self-esteem and get CONTROL over your social anxiety. In my experience, you cannot OVERCOME social anxiety 100% like these experts claim it’s impossible. Especially if you had social anxiety very severe when you were younger. You also can’t get rid of social anxiety by having talking therapy alone that just won’t work. Yes, I agree it can definitely help you and make you feel good to have a shoulder to cry on and someone that sit’s in a chair and listen to all your childhood issues. This is very overrated in the world of counseling and sp called social anxiety and mental health experts.


“EXPOSURE THERAPY” is the TRUTH and the only practice that will improve your social anxiety which is what I have done for the last 13-years. I found with social anxiety it’s like the weather one day it’s sunny and the next day it rains. It can change in that you can in periods overcome social anxiety which gives you the illusion it’s gone but at some point, you will get triggered in a social situation that reminds you of a past bad experience. How comes I know so much about (SOCIAL ANXIETY) and I don’t have a university degree?


The answer is because I have real-world experience and that my friend counts for more than some university degree which tends to consist of loads of theories and sophisticated facts which usually come from outdated sources and not the direct experience of the so-called expert. Another thing that comes into play is the so-called Experts EGO in all of this. They too have social anxiety in fact every single living human being has social anxiety it’s just most people are not honest about it. Yes, some people are more socially relaxed but they definitely feel fearful in social situations the same way a person with more extreme social anxiety does.


What really helped me and hundreds of my clients that I have coached over the years is lots of social momentum which basically means lots of social practice which is exposure therapy. The PROBLEM I have with these Youtube experts is they don’t tell the truth about how much work a person with social anxiety has to put in to see tangible results in their social confidence and self-esteem. My BIGGEST insecurity used to be that what if I am the only human being on the earth that is nervous around people. I later learned I am not alone and neither are you reading this, my good friend.


I want to help people to get control over their social anxiety and it’s not about the money for me. I care because I know how it feels to want to commit suicide because the pain and loneliness of having this mental illness make life at times unbearable to live. I also know how it feels to feel super confident and happy around people because you are being yourself and expressing how you feel.


Social anxiety is a very complicated matter which is why it’s not easy for me to explain it. I have the courage to admit I am an expert in my area which is coaching people on how to face their fears in real life yet I don’t have all the answers and neither do these so-called experts. They seem to be more concerned with how they look on camera and getting people to like them and their videos as opposed to actually giving people the truth and helping them. These people are obviously doing what they feel is here best but I believe they are doing a disservice to themselves, to begin with, and the millions of people they are talking to.


My Youtube videos have gone viral because I told the world the truth about social anxiety the good, bad, and the ugly. These experts seem to be very afraid of exposing their own social fears because they want to get more business and revenue for their brands and business which is just sad. I have no problem with experts making as much money as they want but when they are holding back the truth or even worse they don’ have it because they have not searched for it themselves and faced enough of their own fears.


I am not a perfect person but I have faced every social fear in my life and helped thousands of people all around the world to build confidence and improve the quality of their lives. I am about helping people first and making money and success second. These people are all money-driven people that will do anything to make money and get more clicks on their videos.



You can 100 percent reduce your social anxiety and live the life you want but you have to be prepared to go through hell and back to get to a place where you are confident with people. I had to so so much work on myself and face so many terrifying social situations. I have made over 2000 Youtube videos given tons of public talks and been on hundreds of first dates and coached in person hundreds of clients from all over the world. My teaching and writing come from real honest experiences. I have also analyzed hundreds of my clients that have had crippling social phobia and made massive improvements after applying my teaching.



The teaching is to


1) Change your mindset from being very fearful about going into new social situations to actually finding your courage from within and accepting your fear and facing it head-on.

2) Momentum not having long breaks from social interaction: Example if you go to a social meetup at least once a month for 6-months in a row you will see life-changing improvements.

3) Fitness and Gym

This is something the so-called experts hardly talk about. Working out at least 2-3 times a week will 100 percent boost your self-confidence and lower your social anxiety.

4) Having a goal/purpose in life will massively help you to reduce and control your social anxiety.


5) Having good relationships with friends and your family or a community of like-minded people that you can feel comfortable and really connect with.



My social anxiety has completely transformed since when I first started out on this journey. However, even after all my success and public talks and teaching hundreds of clients one on one and in groups on my weekend confidence program and going on radio and podcast shows I still have social anxiety but the difference is I can control it now plus I have higher confidence and self-esteem and an over 13-years of infield experience.


I won’t be PROVEN wrong with regards to some expert or knew a scientific method that can completely rid a person of social anxiety so they can be confident and socially relaxed in every social situation. It’s bullshit and deep down these experts know they are not being fully honest with themselves and the people.


The truth is more important to me than any amount of money. Helping people from my heart is the most important thing for me and that is what gives me happiness and a sense of satisfaction and courage and honesty and love.

You can’t overcome social anxiety just like no human beings can completely get rid of fear its part of the human condition. The best thing you can do is become desensitized by not fearing it and facing it with heart and courage and intent. I am not saying you cannot overcome social fear in some situations because with consistent practice and the right mindset you can. I have done it and so have my clients but you cannot take a quick fix magic pill and become completely socially relaxed all the time it’s impossible. We all fear human interaction but most people are too proud to admit it because they don’t want to be judged and perceived as being weak.


To be honest is a strength, not a weakness and to first admit your fears then go and face them is the highest act of courage and intelligence. Reading books on how to overcome social anxiety definitely do not work its a load of bullshit. Selling books as a business and laying out facts and mostly untested theories is not the same as having the courage to talk to people in real life. These experts can full people that are nieve and vulnerable but they can’t fool me because I live what I teach and speak and write and I know what the truth is with regards to overcoming social anxiety.


The truth often gets lost in language because of marketing and clickbait!!!!!!

Get control over your social anxiety is the honest truth

5 easy ways to completely crush your social anxiety in one day! is not the truth it’s dishonest


I know all their SEO psychological tricks these people on youtube use to just sell people a lie. I don’t understand why these people just can’t be honest. They would still make money if they told people the truth but they don’t have the guts to be so forthcoming. Another they do which really irritates me is talk to much about the PROBLEM for most f the video and don’t actually focus on giving people a genuine solution that would help lower their social anxiety and increase their confidence wit talking to people.


The PROBLEM today is we live in a very fake world where people hide behind  MASKS because they want to be liked by everyone and present to the world that they are perfect. People see 300k views on a video on how to overcome your social anxiety in 3 easy steps and they believe it because of the number of numbers it says on the video. That’s the power of marketing and branding!


Some of my most honest powerful videos on social anxiety have ONLY got 249 views but that’s not important to me. What’s important is I am telling my followers the truth which is they can become fearless and live their dreams if they can face their fears and get control over their anxiety. But by no means is that going to be easy for them or done in three simple steps. Another this I have noticed is these experts most of them don’t demonstrate what they preach on youtube. I demonstrated hundreds of hours of me in real life social interactions with strangers in public. This is why I have real subscribers, not fake ones due to running tons of adds and using marketing tricks to increase the traffic at the cost of lying to people.


The only person I have seen on Youtube that I greatly respect his work and his honesty is Dr. J.B Petterson who says exactly what I say about social anxiety which is you have to develop more social courage not less fear. He’s completely honest and someone who deserves all the money he makes and millions of Youtube views. Thank God there are some honest genuine people on youtube because most of them are liars.


Johnny Berba

Become Fearless