Love is the secret to attracting the most beautiful women on the earth


I was out today going for a walk in the park on my way to central London. I had no plans at all to speak to women. I was actually in deep thought thinking about some exciting new projects I have lined up for youtube. Anyhow I saw this lovely looking young woman with beautiful green eyes and brunette hair. I had to compliment her on her eyes it was not even an option more a compulsion to tell her. We ended up talking for about ten minutes and boy did we connect it was something out of a Hollywood romantic movie. I did not expect anything from her I was just being honest because I liked her eyes. She ended up telling me that she came from quite a broken home to which I told her I had a similar upbringing in that my relationship with my family was not great. We also laughed a lot about silly things and I teased her a little bit. Anyhow, she was only staying in London for a week as she was heading back home. Funny enough she was a teacher like myself which I thought was a coincidence. She liked me and said she enjoyed the conversation and asked me how comes I didn’t have a girlfriend to which I told her the truth. The truth is I’m looking a long term girlfriend to fall in love with and have an honest relationship with. I told her I would not take things further with her as I’m looking for a girlfriend and as she was only in London for one week if would not be right. She appreciated my honesty and we hugged and said goodbye. I came away feeling great because we had built a connection in such a short space of time which is what I loved.


There was no agenda other than to talk to her and experience a conversation. I find when you approach women/people in this way things seem to come your way. This is where my teaching has changed from five years ago when I was very insecure and all I wanted to do was to have sex with as many women as I could to fill an empty void that was in me. I actually told the woman this because she was curious as to why I didn’t have a girlfriend to which I explained. The relationship we have with ourselves will determine the one with have with a woman. This was something that Jesus stressed in one of the verses about the importance of a man having fellowship. What he meant by that was having honest relationships with your friends, family, partner, etc, otherwise, you would be out of alignment. If you cheat in your relationships you will not have inner peace. You will spend your whole life running away from yourself and you will never be able to trust people.


This is why I often say to my students it’s about love in every sense of the word. Love is so powerful nothing unmanly about it at all. Love is often misunderstood as something that is weak and doesn’t work in the practical world. I can tell you now that love will attract beautiful, woman into your life faster than a speeding bullet. Women/people are extremely sensitive to energy which is why they are drawn towards confidence. I learned this through over 10 years of going out and talking to women on the streets. So what am I trying to get at in this article? I’m going to be straight with you know bullshit….


You have to build a relationship with yourself through living clean which I have mentioned in my previous article. I’m stressing this all the time when I teach on my 6-week social anxiety program and over skype to my students. There is no point in cheating, lying, judging, being angry, addicted, and expecting to have a happy relationship with a woman. I always feel slightly cautious when I say this to students and write about this because I have made all these mistakes myself in the past. I have cheated in my relationships out of massive insecurity and a lack of self-trust. I know the damaging effect it has on other people and yourself. This is why I’m talking to you so directly because I have been on both sides of the spectrum. When people say you can create a heaven or a hell for yourself based on your thinking and your actions it’s literally true. I remember coming home from a coaching session which I loved and thinking about why men were coming to me for help with women. What is the real truth underneath all the ego wants and needs, The truth was love which is what every wants but not everyone will be willing to search for because it’s difficult initially. Loving yourself requires massive self-discipline and of course courage to face your fears which are in you. All the fears you have outside about perhaps not finding a girlfriend are actually internal.


This is inspiring because that means you can change this anytime you want it’s really that simple. Let’s be real and not make excuses about why you cannot attract women because none of them hold any real truth. I have successfully coached hundreds of men all of which gave me every excuse under the sun about why they could not get a date with a woman. After working with them for a couple of hours and taking them out in Central London they achieved their goals. I’m always shocked at how easy it is to help men that were quite anxious, to be honest with women and get a date. Remember I have witnessed hundreds of time over the five years I have been teaching. Now I’m not saying that to be arrogant because I’m not down-playing how challenging it can be for lot’s of men to overcome their fears. What I’m saying is that if a man really wants to be successful with women he will. When you go towards love, love will come towards you and spread into every area of your life. This is why people tend to have more success in their life when they are in love with a woman, because they are in the right frequency. This is something my mentor taught me which was to get yourself into the right state by aligning to your true self. This can all sound so complicating and some might even say to spiritual. Well, whatever language get’s you to get off your backside and achieve your dreams. This is possible for any man you don’t have to be perfect intact I have found being too perfect can actually work against you. Most women are not looking for a perfect man that you see on some of the adverts this all marketing hype.


Remember LOVE has no preference, colour, creed, class, look, it’s an energy that is within every man if he chooses to connect to it. This is why Jesus talked about seeking the kingdom within in order to inherit all his righteousness. This basically means when you are living with honesty you will attract everything into your life. You will reap the rewards of all your suffering and discipline which can come in the form of facing your psychological fears. I mean let’s be honest talking about love and living it are two very different things. I like to show people the proof of my life which sometimes comes in the form of being a little egotistical with some of my youtube videos with getting phone numbers from beautiful women. Then I go further into building that solitary in oneself through honest living. This, of course, does not mean you never make a mistake because we all do. However, you can announce it or learn from it and don’t make it again. This is why I love teaching and pursuing this journey because you learn so much about yourself and other people. I’m learning lately that the possibilities that are available right now are just endless. I learn so much about myself, women, the world, just through a ten-minute conversation with a stranger.





I can probably guess what you are thinking OMG Johnny I just want to learn how to meet a woman that I’m attracted to. I’m not interested in biblical truths about Jesus and the wonders of the universe. No problem in all honesty neither was I when I first started out I just wanted to shag as many women as I possibly could to make up for all the times I was bullied in school and felt neglected by people. I wanted to prove my self-worth in the world threw all my external success one of which was women. I’m not going to pull out a bible ding our coaching session but I’m going to tell you the truth because for me it’s important I do otherwise it won’t be congruent on my side. The “TRUTH” is you want to feel love within yourself. You want to share that beautiful feeling with another person and rightly so who could argue you with that. Only a fool would question LOVE?


So lastly I’m going to leave you with this message and you can decide what’s BEST for you my friend.


Spend the rest of your life living in quiet desperation as Les Brown would say. Wondering what if? if only I took more risks in my life? I wish I wold have said this to that person?!


2) Or .. FU%K IT let me surrender to LOVE and just go all out and face my fears and access my kingdom within.



Start talking to women/people with no agenda other than to connect from a place of honesty and start living clean and stoppage your addictions an you will see how much your life is going to change for the better my friend.


Speak to you soon,



Johnny Berba