How To Overcome Fear


                                                     How To Overcome Fear With LOVE

What am I afraid of really?

I’m afraid that people won’t like me as I am

I’m afraid of never falling in love

I’m afraid I will be rejected

I’m afraid I will make a fool of myself

I’m afraid of being afraid

I’m afraid I will not make money

I’m afraid I will be a failure in life

I’m afraid that things won’t change

I’m afraid that my family won’t support my purpose in life

I’m afraid of becoming successful

I’m afraid of my greatest potential

I’m afraid of everything

I’m afraid to make new friends

I’m afraid people will think I’m weird

I’m afraid I will upset people if I speak my mind

I’m afraid women won’t be attracted to me


So what are you going to do about all these fears allow them to keep you trapped in a mental prison, Continue to live life shit scared all the time never coming out of your comfort zone always playing it safe and being a people pleaser. Let’s be honest this is how the majority of people live today in society just look around you and see for yourself. Now I’m not judging anyone who choices to live like this but it’s true. Now look at the people who are happy, successful, and expressing themselves in a very beautiful authentic way.

Ok, I’m going, to be honest with you as (Honesty) is part of my art if you like in which I express my energy through. This is a conversation I have had with myself on many occasions and one that has always lead me to amazing things. Now don’t get me wrong this does not at all make me immune to fear because I feel it just like you do. However, I learn to channel my fear into action which is what gives me great joy, love, connection, satisfaction, in my life. This is why I love teaching and helping others to overcome their limiting beliefs about themselves and the world.

For me it comes down to making choices in life and being really honest with yourself otherwise, what’s the point of living in denial which so many people do out of fear. Now on the topic of fear it can be a wonderful source of energy and one that can create magnificent things in the world. Or it can be very destructive and harm people if it’s misused in a negative light.

Whatever you fear, is believe me you can overcome it if you really wanted to. I would say the main reason you are not is because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. I totally understand I’m the same as you in that I prefer to sit at home eating and watching films being comfortable in my arm-chair. Or maybe I don’t, maybe the REAL part of me that is full of love wants to create things in the world that can inspire people. I’d always feel at my best when I’m in the heart of the things that frighten me. This is the place where I learn most about myself and the world. I always feel a sense of personal satisfaction and a connection with everything around me. This seems to be a cyclical thing in that all the fears that I have need, to be faced periodically and others can be done in one meeting.

Let me give you an example of a recurring fear that comes up for me very few years: I have a fear that I will not meet a woman that I’m attracted to and get along with. You know I have overcome this fear on so many occasions and it never seizes to amaze me that it can resist me especially when I’m single and feeling lonely and out of touch with my authentic self if you like. I always resort back to what has never ever failed me and that is to go and face the fear and disprove it by finding a lovely girlfriend. This is why my teaching is so powerful and as enabled me to transform millions of people all around the world. I always feel really big headed when I say this but its true. This is the philosophy that I teach to men on my 6-week transformation program that changes lives. Whatever fear you have you must embrace it and prove it is completely illusory as my mentor would say. This is how you grow in confidence and connect deeper to your true authentic self. This philosophy that I have been teaching men to attract women works in every area of life. Like I mentioned above of you have fears about making new friends then you have to face them. Go to a social event and allow yourself to be vulnerable with new people and take a risk. This is how you make new friends otherwise you will stay as you are unhappy, comfortable, and constantly wondering what if?

You know something I want to share something with you about yourself that you may have forgotten. You have greatest in you that is abundant and available anytime you choose to act on it. Evan if right now you don’t believe me because you are listing to your inner critical voice this is pure truth. I have mentored so many men all of which at first were in denial of their greatest potential until I put them through a process which was walking up to women and having a genuine conversation how simple is that let’s be honest. Once they experienced it for themselves they could no longer deny what is possible. Then once they get a date and start a long term relationship with a beautiful girl there whole reality is changed. This one movement of talking to women translates into every aspect of their life. This is what I Learned with going out on the streets of London and talking to women. This lead me on to being globally successful in the dating industry something I could have only dreamed off. It gave me confidence to do things like public speaking, interviews, and facing some of my very private childhood fears.

This is the POWER of (LOVE)

When you connect to that “ENERGY” nothing can stop you absolutely nothing. God will literally be guiding you every step of the way pushing you through all of our fears and whispering in your ear it’s possible as Les Brown says it’s possible everything thing is possible. Who can argue with this truth only the blind who choose to be asleep to the truth of everyones full potential in this amazing universe, This is why It’s important that you decide enough is enough no more bullshit excuse blaming this or that person. Taking full responsibility adds a certain kick to oneself and opens up an unlimited amount of opportunities if you like. You know for years growing up I used to say to myself am I the only one in this place that feels this feeling of excitement. I suspected that deep down every single person was aware of the potential that they were literally sitting on which is themselves.

This is what enabled me to challenge so many of the doubters in my life that said women would not go for a normal guy life myself which was bullocks. I’m sorry to say but that was their insecurities talking out aloud about them. I had enough common sense even back them when I was super social anxious around women to know at leas a dozen women in the whole world would find me attractive. Surely it’s not fucking rocket science to connect with a woman this is the whole point for us being on this earth to love one another. I’m telling you its so simple it will shock the life out of you believe me I have proof of this myself. The same philosophy applies for overcoming any fear like social anxiety for example. The only way to overcome social anxiety is to talk to people it’s that simple. It’s us or people that overcomplicate things especially when it comes to fear people tend to exaggerate I’m sometimes guilty of this myself.

I’m often questioned when I mentioned God/love like I need to prove it and break it down when in reality I don’t need to. Look around you and see god in everything and everyone and than find me an excuse as to why you cannot achieve whatever it is you want to do. Notice how I use finding a girlfriend and overcoming social fears as a metaphor for something much deeper and greater. The greatness is within it’s your choice as to whether you choice to recognise it and act on it. I was just listening to some Alan Watts who I love btw who said exactly the same thing. We are all part of god he works through us and the whole universe. He said to deny this is pretty unintelligent and very unkind to yourself.

I hope this inspires something great in you my friend


Johnny Berba