How To Get Into State To Meet Beautiful Girls (Live Demonstrations)

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In this video, Johnny Berba demonstrates how to meet and attract beautiful girls on the street. Johnny also explains how important your emotional state is when talking to women as well as connecting to your authentic self. Most men  think you need to use pick-up lines to get a girl attracted to you which is not true at all. What you say to a girl is never as important as oppossed to how you feel about what you say.

Most shy/introverted men can find it difficult to initiate a conversation with girls so being able to get into a more extroverted state can be really effective. Once you practice mastering your own emotional state you can really begin to have fin connecting with not just women but everyone. You can find that alignent within yourself and become your authentic self.

When you coming from a genuine place of LOVE women can imediatley feel it and this itself builds massive attraction.

Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba

Enjoy the process!