How to flirt with women for shy guys?

How to French Kiss a Random Woman on the Street

Johnny berba demonstrates how to flirt with women during the daytime. If your new to “Daygame” which is basically the art of meeting and attracting women on the street then you definitely need to learn how to flirt. Most men who tend to struggle to talk to women lack confidence as a result of not knowing what to say. This can be caused as a result of being shy, suffering approach anxiety, or perhaps having limited dating experience.

The advice I always give and teach my students on my weekend bootcamp is to get in the habit of having fun which makes it much easier to flirt with women. Flirting is something any guy can learn through going out and practicing talking to women. If you don’t flirt with a woman and just have a normal conversation its very likely you will not get the woman attracted to you and this can result in being put in the friend zone.


Your friend and coach,

Johnny Berba